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Friday, November 23, 2012

They have come for you, Claiming America for Islam

"They have come for you, Claiming America for Islam. But Jesus our Lord has come for them .... in Love!"


Muslim Population to Double in U.S. 

by 2030, Report Projects
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It's the day when thousands of Muslims bowed to the east , toward Mecca, on the Washington Mall. There, they publicly laid claim to the U.S. as theirs. Muslim clerics openly preached that the only thing in the way was the U.S. government, represented by the captial building.

They didn't know that Jesus had already laid claim for them and given His life to purchase for them eternal life.

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 ISLAM'S BASIS. Muhammad claimed an angel revealed the Qur'an to him making him Allah's final authoritative prophet (c.570-632). It seems anyone could claim the same thing as the Mormon Joseph Smith Jr. did centuries later (1805-1844). Muslims hope to go to heaven if they can do more good deeds than evil deeds and Muhammad is their example of virtue.
CHRISTIAN BASIS. Biblical history was accurately transmitted centuries before Muhammad by prophets and apostles often martyred in evidence of its truth. Jesus claimed to be the Son of God and demonstrated it by fulfilling hundreds of detailed Messianic prophecies and by performing hundreds of visible public miracles astonishing disciples and hostile critics. We sinners are assured of heaven by trusting in Jesus who in love and to satisfy divine justice, died to pay for our sins and arose again.
For more see my article: What Did Muhammad Say About Jesus? 

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