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Friday, March 11, 2011

Honest Doubts About Atheism!

Honest Doubts About Atheism!

Atheists deny the existence of any kind of God. Atheism is an impossible position for the following reasons.
1. Atheists must know everything in space and time to say no God exists. Draw a large circle and black out what represents your knowledge. It would be only a small dot for any of us. Some kind of god may exist behind a star or beyond reach of our telescopes. Or, maybe over the next hill, around a corner, in the next room and we wouldn’t know it. Therefore, atheism is an empty dogmatic claim.
2. The Christian biblical God is an unseen Spirit. If God isn’t a giant somewhere in space or on earth, but rather is a spiritual or immaterial being or Mind as the Bible claims (Exodus 3:14; John 1:1-3; 4:22-24), then God could be everywhere and our human senses unable to detect His presence. Again, atheism is impossible to prove.
3. Atheism requires that the universe be eternal and self-sustaining, but it isn’t. The physical law called entropy is in operation that means the universe like a wound up clock is running down. Therefore, the universe had a beginning and will have an end. Something can’t come from nothing--like an empty box, nothing is in it to produce anything. The physical law of cause and effect demands everything begun must have a beginner or first cause. It must be outside the matter, space, and time it brought into being. Thus, it is self-existent, eternal, immaterial, unchangeable, and infinite to account for everything including life, mind, thought, will, logic, truth.
4. The world began with time, not in time. If we could backtrack eternally, then we would not be here today, but here we are.  Everything we know is not eternal but dependent on something else which must be eternal and can't change or go out of existence. That is what was told Moses in seeing the bush burning but not consumed--the Great Eternal "I Am." 
 5. Most scientists believe the universe began in an explosion they call the Big Bang. But everything we know works on a cause and effect principle. Nonexistence can’t bring existence into being—nothing can’t create something. Some persons believe in a singularity, or that the entire universe was compressed matter smaller than a pin head that just exploded.  Now that's incredible faith.  But isn't this singularity just imagination to avoid admitting the Creator?
6. Close-minded atheist faith based upon chance plus time makes everything irrational. If the universe occurred by chance, then anything can happen anytime. Thus, we can’t know the universe is rational, our minds rational, science factual, and life may suddenly become extinct, or whatever? Moreover, while atheism can’t explain origins, it relies on chance process assuming evolution by an unconscious, mindless nature.  Computer calculations shows chance impossible even if infinite time.

But opposed to unconscious mindless nature everything we see suggests intelligence, design and planning by an infinite Mind. Things left alone become disorderly never orderly. Every physical law works together in harmony, every cell in every living thing has an astronomically complex DNA program that it follows far exceeding the human mind. And all living things must be alive and functional at the start. For example, animals can’t exist with a partly developed digestive system, reproductive system, respiratory system or organs such as heart, eyes, ears, limbs. It all had to be present from the start.
7. Astronomer Hugh Ross pointed out 122 constant factors that any slight change would have made human life on earth impossible (anthropic principle). He mentions such things as just right atmosphere, water, gravity, magnetism, size and distances of earth, moon, sun, etc. The chance of all these factors coming together accidentally is astronomical. Human life on earth then is a God thing. 

Christians believe in human dignity, freedom, rights, ethics, love, justice, logic, truth, and feelings. An infinite, eternal, personal, ethical Source or Creator is required for things to make sense. Dead matter can’t create life it doesn’t have. Mind must precede mater, and mind is required to explain matter, since matter can’t explain itself. Atheism has no basis for any of this.
9. Communist and socialist nations—humanist philosophies that deny God--are ruled by tyrants who seek to destroy their citizen’s freedom. They enslave, imprison, restrict and kill their people. They deceive their people by false promises, overtax then, enact oppressive laws, and confiscate their possessions making them bankrupt economically, morally and spiritually. They become a fearful police state such as in Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China, and Castro's Cuba. That’s why people risk their lives to leave such godless states for havens of freedom and opportunity.
10. Atheists have no basis to say God doesn’t exist, cannot be a personal, loving, ethical being, and cannot come into our world in the form of a man. Certainly if God created the universe, then taking on a human body and nature is a minor thing. And unlike other religions Christ claimed to be God. His claim to fulfill ancient prophecies of a coming Messiah—over 200 hundred—His living a perfect sinless life, His performing perhaps hundreds of miracles before astonished disciples and hostile critics, His dying on the cross to save sinners, and His resurrection from the dead are all visible demonstrated evidence in our world. Until atheists can disprove all these things, they have no basis for their atheism.
Philosophers and religion founders give only their speculations about God, life, and afterlife. Jesus Christ demonstrated in our world he was the God-man walking among us and said all who trust in him as their Savior from sin would know God, and the purity, peace and love He gives to be with Him forever. You can come to know His purity, peace, and love, by honest commitment to Him as your Savior, Lord and Guide. Pray Lord, forgive me the sinner and come into my life now and forever.

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  1. When I survey the wondrous cross,
    On which the Prince of glory died,
    My richest gain I count but loss,
    And pour contempt on all my pride.
    ---Isaac Watts


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