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Friday, March 18, 2011

World Religions Ten Question Quiz

World Religions Ten Question Quiz
A world religion is a recognized system of beliefs or official group statement about God, man, ethics, man’s problem/solution and the afterlife. I use the term Biblical Christianity or Bible Christians to differentiate it from beliefs called Christian but that deny plain Bible teachings.

1.      Which religion denies reincarnation?
Hinduism; Biblical Christianity; New Age; Buddhism; Unity School of Christianity.

2.      Which religion denies a personal God, says man’s problem is desire & solution eightfold path and nirvana. Transcendental Meditation; Hinduism; Buddhism; Taoism; New Age.

3.      Which religion below denies belief in more than one god?
Popular Hinduism; Mormonism; Biblical Christianity; Greek Mythology; Shinto.

4.      Which persons deny that we can be saved or liberated by performing good deeds?
Jehovah’s Witnesses; Bible Christians; Mormons; Hindus; Jews.

5.       Which group believes in the human soul and eternal existence after death?
Naturalists; Atheists; Marxists; Materialists; Bible Christians.

6.      Which religion believes in Muhammad, the Quran, Allah, angels, prophet Jesus, jihad, Paradise, & Hell?
Islam; Unity School of Christianity; Christian Science; Wicca; Confucianism.

7.      Which religion says that things are illusion and ultimately god is the energy of the universe?
Hinduism; Buddhism; Transcendental Meditation; New Age; All of them.

8.      Which belief gives objective visible proof that there is life after death?
Hinduism; Islam; New Age; Biblical Christianity; Humanist Atheism.

9.      Which religion says imperfect people are unacceptable to a perfect God & unfit for a perfect Heaven?
Mormonism; Jehovah’s Witnesses; Islam; Unification Church; Biblical Christianity.

10.  Which religion says Jesus is God, took a human body, died to save sinners, & arose from the dead?
Unification Church; Christian Science; Secular Humanism; Bible Christianity; Marxism.
I recommend these materials for class & discussion. For summary of key beliefs: Christianity, Cults & Religions by Rose Publishing. For more in dept study the classic: The Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin. And more critical: The Compact Guide to World Religions by Dean C. Halverson.
Answers: 1. B.C. 2. Buddhism. 3. B.C. 4. B.C. 5. Bible Christians. 6. Islam. 7. All of them. 8. B. C. in Bible’s accuracy, trustworthiness, historical Jesus, his claims to deity, fulfilled prophecies, sinless life, miracles. 8. B.C. in Jesus’ resurrection. 9. B.C.—Matt. 5:48; Rom. 6:23; 1 Cor. 6:9-10; Rev. 21:8, 27. 10. B.C. 1 Peter 3:18; 2 Cor. 5:21; 1 Cor. 15.

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  1. If one person has a right to believe as he or she does, then all have the same right because of our common humanity. But honest inspection may demonstrate that some beliefs are based upon fact and reason and livable while others are not. It takes courage to change one's beliefs when others with closed minds may oppose us.


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