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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is Secularism the Best Way to Go?

Is Secularism the Best Way to Go?

In this essay, we will look at secularism, give a Christian evaluation of secularism, and consider the question of whether Christianity is a better way to go. Christianity has mostly dominated the Western world for the last two millenniums but is giving way to secularism this last century. It seems people are giving up or forgetting Jesus, claimed to be the God-man, who came into our world to save us. Everyone must decide for himself or herself.

What Is Secularism?

Secularism is the belief that people are perishing animals, a higher form of animal perhaps but some dispute even that preferring owls to human babies. Secularism denies life after death, God, angels, miracles, divine revelations, and human souls. Evolution is a fact--it explains everything and is the key to progress. Religion is based upon ignorance, superstition, myth and retards progress.

Science and education is our way to gain knowledge. The scientific method of repeated testing under controlled measurable conditions gives us probable results. There is no absolute truth and no absolute ethic—just what seems to work best at the time. So we must place the best minds in government control--only those who believe our way--to maintain citizen peace and lawful order. Of course they refer only to minds that believe as they believe and may kill each other to obtain a higher government position.

Our lives and our planet are always in jeopardy. Dangers lurk everywhere. We are both predator and prey. If we’re saved, we must save ourselves. Perhaps one day we will go to other planets.

Man is basically good--despite all the wars, murders, rapes, deceptions, and human abuses, there are always more people that don’t or wouldn’t do these things. And with good reason, we can work to achieve a better world even if we have to eliminate some of its less desirable and defective elements to attain greater quality--especially those ignorant superstitious religious people.

A Christian Evaluation of Secularism

Scientists admit the universe came into being. But it couldn’t have created itself and it couldn’t have just popped into being—nothing can’t create something or give what it doesn’t have. So there must be an uncaused cause to explain the effects of our limited, dependent, self-destructive universe. This uncaused cause would have to be eternal, infinite, unchangeable, immaterial and personal that we could rightly call God. Further, the dogmatic assumption that God and miracles can’t exist because I haven’t seen them is unwarranted—we would have to have all knowledge of space and time to deny them. And with a Creator God, all the things secularists deny become possible. There is no law God must perform his miracles for our experiment and observation.

Secularists claims that by chance and time life come from non life, persons from the impersonal, minds from the mindless, order from the orderless, reason from the non rational, morality from the non moral, information without a sender, and truth from accident. None of this is in accord with science or reason. But all agrees perfectly with an eternal, infinite, personal and ethical God.  

The scientific method of experiment and observation can’t inform us about crucial areas of knowledge such as history, law, ethics, art, emotions, or even that the scientific method itself is valid. No experiment can show evolution is true. And no one was present to observe or experiment when the universe came into being. So we must not arbitrarily impose principles of continuation science upon origin science that’s not subject to testing.  

The facts of science support human creation, not evolution. The simple cell Darwin believed in turned out to be an immense complex city of interrelated designed machines that require an infinite intelligence. Life forms appear suddenly without transitional links. DNA has specified genetic information and mutations are destructive. The genetic code allows small changes within life forms (microievolution). But one life form changing into another (macro-evolution) is unknown. Some few claimed as such are later discovered to be public deceptions. To an unbiased mind, such scientific facts suggest creation and a Creator, not evolution.

In secularism, truth, morality and justice become what the ruling power says it is and the people must obey. No higher authority is allowed. Modern socialist dictators such as Hitler, Mao, Stalin and others grab government control and have a blood bath of millions who oppose them. They must deny God, freedom of speech and freedom of religion to secure their power. History demonstrates that power corrupts. Secular socialists believe that to save humanity they must eliminate all who disagree with and challenge their power. Whole populations are reduced to poverty by and for government control. Black market and any means to survive becomes necessary.

Only in Western governments where people have a say and can select their governing leaders  in fair elections is human life, dignity, and freedom respected. Even then, citizens must know their leaders true beliefs, must limit their powers and terms in office, and must insure leaders follow their constitution. But what is the needed basis to provide it? Christianity is the basis of free and just government.

Is Biblical Christianity a Better Way?

Biblical Christianity is based upon the New Testament being a true account of the life, times and teachings of Jesus Christ. One historical source can established some history. Three agreed sources leave little doubt. The New Testament has the four Gospels, Acts, and Paul’s epistles—six detailed sources that archaeologists have in many cases confirmed as authentic. They were written within three decades of Jesus’ death while hostile witnesses lived to dispute and destroy any untruths. Thousands 0f manuscripts (8,500) closer to the time further substantiate statements about Jesus. Even secular writings mention details of his life. So his life and teachings are far better attested than other ancient persons generally accepted. As we saw above, it’s unwarranted and biased to claim no God exists who can act supernaturally in our world. Christ—the God-man--liberates the captive, gives us dignity and a destiny no other person or ideology can.

Jesus claimed and demonstrated in history that he was God in ways honest thinking people can recognize. He accepted worship, forgave sins, caste out demons, commanded angels, healed various diseases instantly, walked on water, fulfilled century earlier detailed prophecies of Israel’s Messiah God, and he raised the dead. Who could do such things but God?

Secularists rightfully claim we need proof if people are anything more that perishing animals. Speculative arguments of the philosophers can’t prove life after death. But Jesus who died and arose again and seen by 500 people in a visible material body (1 Cor. 15: 1-8). That’s certain proof! Jesus demonstrated publicly and finally he is in fact the God-man as he claimed. And being God, all his teachings are absolute truth. Jesus too provided for humanities most crucial needs--dignity, freedom, justice, love, truth, a rational world.

What basis is there for human dignity, equality, and rights? In secularism, the state dictator decides who has right to live and die, be slave or free, own property or not, worship or not. Dictators have their own agenda and ruthlessly mercilessly force it upon their people and everyone they can conquer. But Christ affirmed God created man in His rational, moral, immortal image and all men are descendant from Adam and Eve. Unlike secularism, this requires all persons be treated justly with the same dignity and respect and precludes any caste system.

As our Creator, Owner, and Judge God alone is our Source of truth, morality and justice. God showed Himself in Jesus Christ, the God-man in our space-time world. No limited, fickle, contradictory human opinions can stand up to teaching of the all-knowing, all wise, all-just Lord. One day we’ll bow before King Jesus who died to save us. But then He will judge our every thought, word and deed. He is the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Him.

The Bible says fools despise instruction. Jesus taught principles for our good both as individuals and as a nation. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you promote concern, respect and just treatment of everyone. God’s law, Jesus said is summed up in love for God first and then love for neighbor as yourself. When we apply this, dictatorial force and fear wane while love, truth, and civility emerge.

 The framers of the American constitution were almost all Christians taught in Christian schools of their time who understood the sinfulness of man. So they knew to put limits upon government leaders and separated their powers in order to establish a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people. Thus, the freedom and dignity Christ provides humanity become achievable in government and precludes the destruction of people and property.  

In summary, the facts of both of science and reason support not oppose Bible Christianity and meet our most basic human needs. Secularism has no basis for life after death, for human dignity and rights, for absolute truth and morality, or for hope of a sane and safe society. Throughout history, it has denied all these things and led to destruction of lands and a merciless blood bath of millions of men, women, and children by a tyrant’s arbitrary decrees.    

The Christ of the Bible loves us and provides our most precious human values secular socialism denies. Jesus respects our free will, gives us the choice to be a free and righteous nation, and offers us the choice of Heaven instead of Hell. Yes, God is love, but God’s love includes truth and justice. Without Christ, everything is deception, darkness and destruction. It’s our choice. Won't you say in  all honesty, Lord, I'm a sinner. But I choose You as my Savior and Guide today and forever!
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  1. Our fathers' God, to Thee Author of liberty,
    To thee we sing; Long may our land be bright
    With freedom's holy light; Protect us by Thy might, Great God, our King!--Samuel F. Smith

    When we forget its Author, we lose His liberty.


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